Tílimtilín Tílimtilín


Book: 212 pages
Publisher: LOM Ediciones (2021)
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-956-00-1471-9

Tílimtilín, the new book from David Rosenmann-Taub, is a work on which he labored for decades. Its one hundred seventy-five poems are distributed in two sections: Tílim: psalms: ocean of fantasies. And obvious disillusionment. The power of fantasy against reality. Tilín: a warning bell signaling a true, at times apparently mysterious, reality. The defense of the true reality.

Cover illustration: the creation of the author, and relevant to the book's content: many eyes : a manifestation of certainties.

Published in December 2021 by LOM Ediciones (Santiago de Chile).


No me ofrezcas, Señor, por redimirme,
 del multiverso el fondo.

 Ofréceme los ojos de tus ojos:
 lo imposible.



de esplendores:
  mi cima . . .
– fervor –,
¡no me abandones!