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from Trébol de Nueve

Trébol de Nueve


Listen to the Poet

Each of the poem's twelve chapters has a coda played on the bongo by the author.

# Time Title Player
1 1:04 I: Branches of commotion
2 0:53 II: Strolling
3 0:51 III: One night, dad announced to us
4 1:34 IV: During breakfast
5 1:31 V: From the threshold of the red door
6 2:32 VI: Hiding darkness
7 0:51 VII: Months–how many–later
8 0:29 VIII: Wall
9 0:30 IX: We listened, hiding
10 1:27 X: Buildings!
11 0:46 XI: We awoke without waking
12 0:51 XII: The pleasure


* An abstract noun coined by the poet along the lines of "ciencia" or "filosofía." Derived from the prefix orto (straight, upright) and cráneo (cranium), ortocránea means correctly applied intelligence. Not to be confused with the adjective "ortocráneo," a technical term used in anthropology.